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About Us

Our store was closed on the 28th February 2017.




A-Tac Tactical Airsoft is focused on providing customers with the highest standard, industry specific, Airsoft equipment and replica weapons for sale.

We have a passion for all things airsoft and strive to not only supply but provide the best possible after sales service to our clients.


We believe in growing this next generation tactical sport and make it freely available to all who are interested.

With your continued support we will expand our rental packages and keep rental kit prices as low as possible.



We are accredited distributors for Wolverine Quality Tactical Gear and Walker Wargame. We now offer their full range of products and services along with 1 Year limited warranty on selected items.

We have also recently gained N.A.A. (National Airsoft Assosiation) supplier accreditation and will be driving player registration, indemnity forms and safety compliance in the North West region.

Should you wish to join the National body, please complete our online application form and also see additional information on this our page listed on the link below.

Online Application for NAASA membership

N.A.A. Home page


You can also pay your membership fees with us via the following link:

Membership fee


Community development:

At A-Tac we believe in protecting the future of the sport while growing the industry and thus we pledge to support local Airsoft and Tactical equipment suppliers.

A-Tac will be actively encouraging members to participate in regional and national Airsoft events and meets to promote the community spirit within the industry.

At A-Tac we know the value of security and value our local police service members and their dedication to assure community safety. With the launch of our Rental packages, all active police service members may play at half the cost of standard field rental prices.


Theory behind rental packages:

Cost saving:

Professional airsoft kits are unfortunately expensive and very little comprehensive rentals kits are available for players to experience and try out the sport of airsoft to its full potential.

At A-Tac our prices are structured specifically to facilitate the utmost best and complete kits at the lowest possible rate  thus, whether our clients are only looking to try out the sport, have some fun or become a registered member, we can bridge the gap between interested and buying Gear.


Healthier Living:

A-Tac rental packages will facilitate Tactical Operations for the weekend warrior, inter-school team challenges, University team challenges, first person shooter game simulations, scenario based operations and promoting a healthier outdoor simulation option for the fans of online multiplayer combat titles. Fun in the sun!


Going Forward:

With your support A-tac plan to expand its replica range and tactical equipment to include a wide range of rifles and pistols, as well as radios, headsets and weapon optics - with time we plan to have a dedicated airsoft field and shop front.


Business Hours:

We are open 8am to 4:30pm weekdays Monday to Friday.