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Ares MS700 (MSR-012 / MSR-013) - Spring Sniper Rifle

Brand: ARES
Product Code: ARS-MS700-SPR
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Limited Stock.

The Long awaited MS700 sniper rifle from ARES are one of the most faithful replicas in the airsoft arena.

It features a correctly positioned magazine which incorporates an ingenious BB feeding mechanism. BB's are stored in a chamber and gets fed into the hopup chamber. Its important to fill the magazine to its max capacity with every load to ensure correct feeding. The plus side is that if your mag is dry, there will be a backup amount of BB's left in the gun and can be chambered by pointing the muzzle down so they can roll forward.

Its full metal body, rail and stock are made from lightweight aluminium, machined for maximum precision and a near perfect build.

Seen in video games like MAG, Socom 4, Call of Duty Modern Warefare3, and many others this gun can more than live up to real life.

The Accuracy is amazing right out of the box and with full VSR-10 compatibility you can build this beauty up to its full capacity.

ARES are also scheduled to release replacement bolts with its patented TX system which means you can swap out the spring cocking bolt for a gas powered or CO2 powered bolt on the fly, pop in the compatible mag and away you go. Spring with silencer for those ultra-quite night missions and CO2 for the intimidating High priority mission.

Two versions being released:

MS700 - Die Cast aluminium - Smaller magazine imatation / Available in TAN and BLK

MS338 - CNC aluminium - Larger magazine imatation / Available in TAN and BLK

Power up:

We will be stocking the already released upgraded spring bolt assembly kit which features greater FPS. Please enquire for your selected Marui aftermarket parts and we will gladly assist in building your dream package..



Weapon Specifications
System Spring
Item Weight (gram) 4578g
Length 890mm (folded stock) - 1100mm (Unfolded) / Folding stock is ONLY for transport, bolt cannot be engaged with stock folded.
Major Color Black or Tan (Model dependant)
Compatible weapons Marui VSR-10 aftermarket parts compatable
Major Build Materials Aluminium, steel and polymer
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting mode Safe, Single bolt action.
Magazine Capacity 78 rounds
Muzzle Velocity 380 FPS (Bolt upgrade kit available)
Package Includes Chose ARES MSR-012 or MSR-013, 78 Round metal magazine, 3/6/9 o-clock adjustable rails, Manual.
Disclaimer None
Warranty 1 Year limited warranty.

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