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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Delivery is currently only available in South Africa.

We do not ship overseas or to neighboring countries.


Please note that the estimated delivery times are 5 business days for larger order and 3 business days for smaller orders. These times may vary, depening on where you are based.

Goods are provided to you on approval and legal title to the goods does not pass to you until delivery or full sum outstanding is paid, whichever is the latter.


Extra Delivery Charges

PLEASE NOTE: We currently charge a minimum Flat Rate delivery cost of R200 on all large order up to 10Kg and R120 for small order that can fit in A4 size envelope. 


If this shipping excede the flat-rate minimum, you will be contacted via your supplied email adress. 

Additional shipping costs above the Flat Rate will be indicated on your invoice.


A-Tac retains the right to waiver or charge any additional shipping charges at its own discresion. Customers will be notified ahead of time.

The delivery service can only to physical address and receipt of parcel is needed.

You must tell us when placing your order in the 'Add Comments about Your Order' box at the checkout, about any special factors that may result in delivery being more costly and/or taking longer than it otherwise would have, such as your vacation or working hours.

Extra costs would also include specialized couriers to rural or remote areas.

Extra charges for delivery may apply in any of the following circumstances:

  1. If you change the address where your goods are to be delivered at short notice.
  2. If delivery is more costly and/or takes longer than it otherwise would have because of any special factors that you failed to tell us about.
  3. If the goods need to be redelivered because of failure to receive (e.g. your business hours, vacations etc.) at the delivery address or because the goods would not be accepted by the person at specified address.
  4. If the goods need to be redelivered because there was no-one at the delivery address aged 18 or over to sign for the goods at the date of delivery.
  5. Shipping insurance to the value of your total order as per invoice. (Please specify manualy when checking out.)


You may manualy indicate in the checkout process to have your package insured for the total value of your shipment as per invoice, at an additional cost. These costs vary greatly and will be communicated to you via email, telephonically.

It is essential we have your correct contact information. When we encounter a failure to communicate a stock fault, order fault, delivery fault or any other need for communication, the entire order will be placed on hold, at which ever stage your order might be on, until we are again able to reach you either by email or telephone.

Continued failure to reach you, 7 days after order hold, will result in order cancelation in which case all applicable fees, as previously stipulated will be deductible on any refund, if a refund is granted by the supplier.

If you need to inform us of any special factors regarding your delivery after you have placed and confirmed your order, please contact us per email regarding any changes.

For our standard delivery items, our courier will attempt delivery 3 times. You will be provided a tracking number for your order and you may use this to track your order.

You may call the number of the shipping company to rearrange a more suitable time for re-delivery.

In case of delivery failure, we do not hear from you with a suitable alternative delivery address within 7 days of the attempted delivery, and then we may cancel your order and deduct a charge for our administration, transit and storage costs which will be no more than 30% of the price of the goods from your refund. Delivery charges will not be refunded as stipulated in Cancelation of Order clause.

We will let you know if any extra delivery charges are payable and you must pay these charges before your order is placed or re-delivery (as appropriate) or, if charged after delivery, within 24 hours of receiving notice of such extra delivery charges.

If delivery proves impossible or impractical on 1 or more occasions, at A-Tac Tactical Airsoft’s sole discretion, or there was no-one at the delivery address aged 18 or over to sign for the goods at the date arranged for delivery, then we may cancel your order and deduct a charge for our administration, transit and storage costs which will be no more than 30% of the price of the goods from your refund. Delivery charges will not be refunded.


Delays in delivery

Occasionally the delivery of your goods may be delayed by circumstances outside our control.

If for any reason we are unable to deliver the goods or to have them ready for collection within the original approximate timeframe then we will notify you of the delay and new timeframe as soon as possible.

If you cannot wait for the goods, you must let us have notice of cancellation from the person who placed the order within 24 hours of you receiving notification about the delay.

If we receive your notice of cancellation as set out above within said 24 hour period, then we will let you have a full refund. However, A-Tac Tactical Airsoft cannot accept any liability for any losses you incur (including loss of earnings) or for compensation for perceived inconvenience that may be suffered due to any delay.


Arrival of goods

On delivery of your products, you will be asked to sign for the goods, Please count the packages and compare against Way Bill item numbers.

Inspect at your discretion any of the goods that were repackaged, other than those in their original boxing or packaging (This will be bubble wrap items.) Please also check external surfaces or your packages to ensure they are in acceptable condition and without damage that might have damaged the items inside. If you suspect damage, please advise the courier to wait while you inspect the items IN PRIVATE PLEASE. If you are not content, please do not accept the items in question! Reseal as best you can and advise the driver of non-acceptance. Packages will be returned to A-Tac Tactical Airsoft and the matter will be dealt with as a matter of priority.

For this reason you should be present at delivery yourself. However, if you do ask someone else to take delivery for you, then you must make sure that they are aware of what they need to do! A-Tac Tactical Airsoft, nor selected courier service will be held liable for uninsured goods which gets damaged in transit.

It will fall to the client to contact the courier company and take the matter up with them; from experience no good results cannot or will be guaranteed.

We will deliver your goods to the destination of your choice within South African Borders, provided that our delivery company can gain access to that destination.