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RA-TECH NPAS KIT for WE Open Bolt gas blowback rifles.

The RA Tech NPAS (Negative Pressure Air System) enables the FPS of your rifle to be adjusted according to different site limits and changes in ambient temperature.

It is essentially an adjustable proportioning valve that is installed in the nozzle of any WE Open Chamber rifle or Tokyo Marui pistol for FPS adjustment. This upgrade works by changing the amount of gas or air pressure that goes to firing the bb. The portion of gas or air pressure taken away from actually firing the bb is dispersed into the blowback chamber. The effect is an adjustment in the FPS (adjustable via provided tool), allowing higher or lower than stock fps, depending on adjustment.

Some air-smithing may be required to allow for an optimum fps adjustment range. Essentially what you have to do on most platforms is take material off of the crown seat in the blowback portion of the nozzle, being careful not to take off too much material as an air passage still must be present for gas to escape behind the NPAS into the blowback chamber, completing the gas cycle.

Take away uncertainties and enjoy your GBBR in much more locations/times of year.



Accessory Specifications
Product Features Adjustable in bolt FPS
Build Material Steel
Package Contains RA-TECH WE NPAS Kit with allen wrench.
Suitable For: Kit fits WE PDW, M14, G39, L85, M4, M16, 416 SCAR Open Bolt gas blowback rifles

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